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Term Paper on Water Cycle


Cycle Term Paper:

Water cycle is the constant process of circulation of water about the Earth which occurs under the effect of sunlight and gravitation. More than ¾ of the surface of the Earth is covered with water and the absolute quantity of the world ocean is the salty sea water, while the pure fresh water (without which the life is impossible) occurs in little quantities on the continents and islands which possess rivers, swamps, underground water and lakes. In addition, freshwater can be found in the form of icebergs on the North and South Poles of the Earth.

The water exists on the planet in three states of aggregation: liquid, solid and gaseous an every state has its own peculiarities. Water cycle is the constant exchange of moisture between atmosphere, hydrosphere and the Earth’s surface which includes such processes as evaporation, the transportation of water vapor in the atmosphere, its condensation in the atmosphere and its precipitation and runoff.

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Precipitation is often evaporated but very often it forms temporary bodies of water which seeps into the ground and forms underground water. There are three major types of water cycle: the intracontinental cycle (the evaporated water from rivers and lakes goes back on the surface in the form of precipitation); oceanic cycle (the oceanic water vapor goes to the ocean in the form of precipitation) and the great cycle (the vapor evaporated from oceans is transported by the wind to the land and falls down with precipitation). Water cycle is the natural purifier of the planet’s water, because the evaporated water seawater turns into freshwater and the dirty water turns into pure water.

Water cycle is the permanent movement of water about the different spheres of the planet in different states of aggregation. The student who has chosen to research the topic on water cycle should focus on the explanation of the global importance of this phenomenon for the maintenance of life on the Earth. Furthermore, the student’s duty is to analyze the different states of aggregation of water, its circulation about the planet and the mechanisms which maintain this constant process. Finally, one can observe the different types of water cycles regarding their size and temporary limits and define the usefulness of this process for the Earth and its inhabitants.

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