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Term Paper on Water Harvesting


Harvesting Term Paper:

Water harvesting is the process of the accumulation of water for the further use in various spheres of the human life. The most frequent type of water which is accumulated is the rainwater.

Rain is an extremely useful and costless source of water which can be used in agriculture and domestic purposes. The areas which have problems with constant water supply apply the practice of water harvesting actively accumulating rainwater in tanks and using it to water plants, vegetables and fruit. In urban areas water harvesting is most often used for the domestic purposes, like laundering, heating and washing. Of course, in the developed countries the accumulated water is not used in the initial condition; it is purified with the help of the latest technologies and filters and such water can be even used for drinking. In the developing countries, especially in the areas poor in water resources, water harvesting has always been the major way of water supply.

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Many countries still practice the method of rooftop rainwater harvesting, when the water runs from the roofs of the houses to the special tanks were it is stored and purified. Except of rainwater harvesting, the humanity uses the practice of fresh water flooded forests, where the water is accumulated in the natural way and filtered by plants. The polluted water is always on the bottom near the roots of the plants and the surface of the water in such forests is most often pure. This practice is used in South East Asia, where there is no constant water supply and people invent new and new methods of water harvesting.

Water harvesting is an extremely useful and affordable way of water supply which can provide the dry areas with safe drinking and technical water. The student who is researching the issue on water harvesting is obliged to explain the importance of this process for the humanity, especially for the developing countries and the countries which suffer from the lack of the quality water supply. Then, one should dwell on the methods and techniques of water harvesting and define the most useful methods and compare the experience of different countries in this matter. Finally, the student is supposed to brainstorm his own ways of water harvesting and present it in the form of a small sample project.

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Custom Term Paper on Water Harvesting

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