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Term Paper on Women’s Rights


Rights Term Paper:

Women’s rights is the term which describes the freedoms belonging to females of all age groups and social classes. The phenomenon of women’s rights is quite young, because many years ago the attitude towards women and their role in the society was different. Since the prehistoric times woman was considered to be the keeper of the household and she had to take care of children, cook and work about the house. The situation was the same till the industrial revolution, because women did not have the opportunity to work anywhere except of fields.

Of course, after the industrial revolution women started to work on factories and plants but it did not provide them with any rights. The level of the human rights at that time was quite poor and the question of any women’s rights did not exist at all. The struggle for the women’s rights began in the beginning of the 20th century with the development of the feminist movements who demanded to provide women with the same rights as the men have.

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Women’s rights include such issues as the right to vote during the elections, the opportunity to receive education, the right to occupy the high positions, the right to receive the fair salary, the right on property, the right to serve in the armed forces, the rights to have the choice making family, having children and religious views. Unfortunately, the problem of women’s rights is still urgent in many developing countries of the world and the countries where the low position of the women in the society is the part of the culture, for example, Muslim countries and developing countries in Africa, Asia, etc.

Women’s rights is the important issue which is supposed to protect women from crime, sexual, labour and psychological abuse and maintenance of their normal life. Numerous international organizations support women all over the world trying to provide them with the favourable conditions of life. The student who is researching the topic about women’s rights should observe the attitude towards women in the world in the long run of time and in different countries and parts of the world. He should analyze the existing women’s rights in different countries, compare them and define the problems which still exist in the world.

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