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The Afghan Girl Photo Analysis Essay


One may think that a photo is only an object. One may also add that a photo is a result of intellectual development that resulted in a technique that can capture memory in tangible form. At that point, one may reach the understanding that a photo is a magic that people can do: a moment is gone, yet a photo preserves it unchanged with all the surrounding details (Mason para. 1). Memory can make the moment-related things pale, and it also can exaggerate something. A photo, which is not a result of meticulous composition, will serve as a pleasant reminder. Apart from that, it can serve as “a poster” of important events and a messenger to people while telling about things to remember and things that should be changed. Mostly, the authors of not-staged photos do not have intentions to create specific context because it already exists. Besides, these not-staged photos do not need an additional explanation because captured people or events convey a particular message without words. For me, the Afghan Girl portrait is a vivid example of how two-dimensional picture can speak about the tragedy “behind the stage” before reading additional information related to related events. For me, the Afghan Girl becomes a second Mona Lisa, but only if relating it to the feeling that static image is looking at me constantly regardless of photo’s position in my hands. In the essay below, my readers will learn how the not-staged composition has contributed to me recalling its details instantly while hearing the title only. It also will describe how the photo’s details convey the understanding of the content, and why it becomes an example of a successful communication message.

Work Cited
Mason, Jennifer. “Photography is Magic” The Last Magazine, 28 Oct. 2015, https://thelast-magazine.com/photography-is-magic/. Accessed 22 Feb. 2019.

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