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The Iliad Term Paper


Paper on The Iliad:

The Iliad is the cyclic epic poem written by the ancient Greek poet Homer. The Iliad consists of 24 songs and 15693 lines and describes the deeds of the ancient heroes of ancient Greece. Alongside with the Odyssey the poem occupies the 8th place in the 100 best books of all times. Homer described the Greek lifestyle and the peculiarities, traditions, religion and structure of his current society in the Iliad – the book which focuses on the small period of the siege of Troy. The main characters – Agamemnon, Menelaus, Achilles, Odysseus, Nestor, Ajax, the Trojan king Priam, his sons Hector, Paris, etc. struggle against one another and the end of the war is known to everybody, as the Troy was destroyed.

The plot is built around the Trojan War which broke after the abduction of Helen (the wife of Menelaus – the king of Sparta) by Paris, the son the Trojan King Priam.

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Homer demonstrates two worlds in his poem – the real and unreal one. The real world is inhabited by the common people while the unreal world is represented by numerous gods who communicate with one another and influence the human deeds. The gods also communicate with people and can participate in the events in the real world, respect, like and dislike people and help them. The stylistics of The Iliad is very rich in metaphors, similes, epithets; the text consists of numerous speeches and dialogues which carry out deep meaning. The Iliad is supposed to be among the most important ancient texts which have influenced the development of Western Civilization.

The Iliad is the epic poem which can be called one of the ancient texts which have influenced the philosophic background of Western World. The student has the opportunity to prepare a successful and well-formatted term paper about this epic poem and analyze it from all possible sides.

Obviously, one has a wide field of opportunities, because he can describe the philosophic, traditional, religious, mythological, social and other elements of The Iliad. It is possible to compare it with other ancient books and find the similarities and differences. In addition, the student will have a good chance to observe the stylistics of the poem which is rich in numerous devices which are surely worth attention.

The student is supposed to take advantage of the free example college term paper topics on the Iliad if he has problems with the logical organization of the assignment. It is reasonable to improve one’s creativity and critical thinking skills with the assistance of the free sample college term paper on The Iliad which will teach the student to organize the text precisely and format it according to the standard requirements.

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