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Urban Sociology Term Paper


Paper on Urban Sociology:

Urban sociology is the branch of sociology which studies the aspects of the human life from the point of view of their life in the urbanized areas or big cities. Evidently, the issue on urbanization is quite a relevant one, because it touches upon the modern problem of the rapid growth of the big cities which attract more and more people forming a new form of society – a habitant of a big city.

Obviously, city differs from the small settlement greatly, because the people who live in a small village know everything about one another and it is very difficult to become the full-right member of this small society being a stranger in this place. A big city is a completely opposite thing, because all people are strangers there and it is easy to become the member of the group of people for everyone.

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Urban sociology touches upon a great number of issues starting from the human psychology, behaviour and emotions in a big city and finishing with the global problems of poverty, unemployment, social classes, labour issues, etc. Urban sociology is a complicated discipline which has rich intellectual basis and methodology of the research. There were many attempts to observe the problem on urban sociology and its aspects and principles and the most well known men of thought who touched upon this matter are Max Weber, Georg Simmel, Karl Marx (who observed the city as the place of the struggle for the capital between the people of different social classes), the representatives of the Chicago School – Robert E. Park, Nels Anderson, Ernest Burgess, etc.

Urban sociology is an interesting issue for the analysis, because the number of the citizens is increasing day by day. The student who is interested in the matter of urbanization and the rapid growth of big cities is able to prepare an interesting and informative term paper which would reveal all the aspects of the problem in detail. The student will need to focus on the main points and questions related with urban sociology and mention the most famous and influential trends of sociology which analyzed this problem in the part. One will need to share the famous names of the prominent sociologists and philosophers in the field of urban sociology and demonstrate their thoughts and concepts.

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