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Virtue Ethics Term Paper


Paper on Virtue Ethics:

Virtue ethics is the important question in ethics and philosophy and defines the role of the moral values and virtues of an individual in his actions and behaviour. Furthermore, the problem of virtue ethics touches upon not only the behaviour but the way of thinking and solution of the complicated problems and dilemmas in life. Virtue ethics was the problem under discussion already in the ancient Greece and the first famous philosophers like Paton and Aristotle mentioned about it. Since the dawn of the human civilization and the development of the philosophical thought people have been trying to distinguish the basic qualities or virtues a person should possess. Both pagan ancient philosophers and the ones who analyzed everything in the context of Christianity spoke about the standard set of virtues, which are divided into moral and intellectual ones.

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It is obvious that the most important intellectual virtue of an individual is wisdom which is gained in the long way of his life. A wise person possesses both theoretical and practical knowledge or wisdom which awards her with respect of the others. The problem of the moral virtues is a bit more complicated, because it is impossible to define a short list of the most important qualities.

Nevertheless, the core moral virtues are: courage, prudence, temperance, justice and fortitude.

The problem of virtues is a complicated and controversial one, because it is impossible to create an international explanation of a virtue, because in different parts of the words the virtues are different.

In spite of being a complicated topic, virtue ethics is very important for the existence and normal development of the human civilization, because people can not live in the complete chaos; their behaviour should be controlled by the certain norms or virtues which everyone should possess to interact and communicate with others. When there is the assignment about virtue ethics a student is supposed to work out the topic from all sides and touch upon the thoughts of the ancient philosophers about virtues to compare their ideas with the ones of the later periods and define the role of virtues in philosophy and ethics and the human society in the whole. A student should read about the topic a lot to be able to analyze the problem in detail and draw the worthy conclusions.

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