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VLSI Term Paper


Paper on VLSI:

Very-Large-Scale integration is the microelectronic appliance, an electronic circuit of the certain complexity produced on the semiconductor plate and inserted into the definite package which depends on the type of the circuit. The major part of the circuits is made in the packages for the surface-mount technology. Very often under the term of VLSI experts understand the die with the electronic circuit and under the term of microcircuit – VLSI framed in the package.

The history of the creation of VLSI is quite old and dates back to the middle of the 20th century, when in 1952 the idea of integration of numerous standard electronic components in the monolith die of the semiconductor appeared. In the 1960-ies was a serious break in the semiconductor industry which enabled to embody in life the concept of VLSI and put it into the mass production.

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Nowadays the greater part of VLSI are produced due to the computer-aided design, which enables to make the process of production automated, rapid and cheap, though there are other approaches towards the projecting of VLSI: logical; systemic (technical); electric; physical; topological; programme (enable the programmer manage and design the model of the circuit according to its expected characteristics and qualities with the help of the VHDL).

It is obvious that in order to analyse the topic of VLSI the student is supposed to devote much time to the investigation of the problem and collection of the reliable and useful facts. It is wise to use encyclopaedias, scientific publications and periodicals to learn about the latest achievements in the sphere of VLSI and use this information as the evidence in term paper writing. Every term paper on VLSI is supposed to be informative, contain interesting and trustworthy original data and present the advantages and disadvantages of the circuit, the history of its creation and the perspectives of its future development. The student should cover as much aspects on the topic as possible including the types of VLSI, the structure of the device and the manner of its application

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