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A Peacemaking Approach to Criminology Essay


Gesualdi has managed to create unique literary work called A Peacemaking Approach to Criminology by collecting a wide range of useful articles on criminology. This book pays attention to the importance of the two benefits of the sociological perspective including rehabilitation and a belief associated with the need to cooperate with people in democratic institutions to develop important communities that will contribute to the reduction of crime situation and the elimination of desire to break the law among citizens.

Regression and various mutations are integral part during the evolutionary process. In this case, people make every effort to create the right legal framework that can regulate society members’ actions. However, regression can also occur in the moral and ethical sphere of human life by causing such kind of mutation as a substitution of right judgment with false conclusions. Thereby, some individuals commit crimes and destabilize the situation in society. This situation represents a prerequisite for the emergence of such a science as criminology. Many world famous scientists spend a lot of time and effort to improve it. Therefore, the book A Peacemaking Approach to Criminology written by Louis J. Gesualdi emphasizes the existence of the four benefits of the sociological perspective including social justice, conflict resolution, rehabilitation and a belief that all people need to cooperate in democratic institutions to develop important communities (Gesualdi 7).

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Rehabilitation is one of the critical benefits of sociological perspectives. In this case, Gesualdi has tried to analyze the behavior of lawbreakers by avoiding the use of violence and cruelty in criminology. The primary benefit of this perspective is dedicated to the elimination of violence in the modern world. People should stop using it for re-education purposes that have no real results by causing the emergence of hidden aggression. For a long time, criminals have received different punishments by going to prison. However, these people have no opportunity to rethink their behavior by becoming law-abiding society members. This situation has provoked them to continue committing crimes after leaving prison. Such an approach has not provided the modern world with a better future by causing rapid regression. For example, Gesualdi emphasizes the point that thieves do not stop breaking the law after time spent in prison (Gesualdi 9). Consequently, the government should provide these people with rehabilitation and a chance to adapt to a world where all people should comply with the laws.

Crime is an essential element of human culture. Consequently, Criminology should be aimed at the gradual overcoming of crime by allowing people to give up the desire to break the law voluntarily. Such an approach represents the most productive way to fight crime in all its manifestations. In this case, the absence of the social perspective related to rehabilitation does not allow criminals to realize their mistakes and no longer commit them. Unfortunately, the use of cruelty to criminals only worsens the situation. Education represents a crucial point to change a criminal’s way to perceive the world. This approach includes improvement of the system of values and worldview to overestimate behavior that contrary to law and public order by benefiting society. Prison is a way of isolation that causes aggression among lawbreakers by forcing them to express a desire to revenge other people.

One more social perspective is dedicated to a belief that all people need to cooperate in democratic institutions to develop essential communities. This idea becomes possible only after the introduction of an active rehabilitation process among criminals. Thereby, lawbreakers must return to normal life without disturbing public order by becoming a vivid confirmation of the possibility of a civilized society to exist without violence and crime. This perspective cultivates love and patience needed for harmonious interaction between all people in society. The criminal has a significant impact on society. Thereby, the absence of an opportunity to change the behavior of people violating the law means an inability of society to evolve and develop. All individuals have a right to get second chance to choose the right life way free from violence and lawlessness. Peacemaking approach to criminology represents an essential aspect of improving people’s lives by taking them to the next stage of development (Gesualdi 8). Responsibility for the actions and consciousness are the primary points that allow people to make the right decisions that can lead to positive changes. The current system of justice and punishment has no proper effect on people’s behavior including individuals who express a desire to break the law. Society members should be interested in the observance of laws that represents a guarantee of their happy future. Cultivating awareness among criminals represents the primary method of benefits of the sociological perspective.

Gesualdi has made every effort to improve people’s approach to the punishment of criminals who need such social perspective as rehabilitation that can benefit in the process of changing the perception of the world by lawbreakers who get a chance to become full members of society. All fields of humans’ lives need improvement to make this world a better place for the next generations.

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