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Personal Assessment Essay Example


After pursuing my studies at the DePaul University over the last two years, I believe I am now ready for the job market. I believe I have performed well in my studies, as I have managed to secure top grades in most of the subjects and my overall grade is among the best in my course.

Despite the fact that I am eagerly waiting for my graduation at the end of the year, I am still worried about my teamwork abilities and communication skills. Over the two years, I have been unable to participate effectively in my group discussions. Often, I feel uncomfortable attending or even participating during in group discussions. Consequently, my poor communication skills due to my poor accent have contributed significantly to this discomfort. For instance, at the beginning of the year, I performed poorly in my research assignment, as I contributed less during the group discussions. In this case, I am worried about how I will cope with my work environment and colleagues if I secure a job opportunity. Currently, I am looking for an internship opportunity related to Human Resource Management in Chicago. Afterward, I am looking forward to securing a job opportunity in the United States and obtaining an H1B visa. However, my poor communication skills and lack of teamwork skills will hinder my ability to achieve my goals. In this regard, this essay assesses how I plan to manage these challenges to help me achieve my goals.

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Admittedly, my poor English accent is the genesis of my social challenges. Therefore, to improve on my accent I plan to enroll in English classes at the university. Besides, I am seeking to purchase an English dictionary, course books, and storybooks. I have started watching English videos and programs on YouTube and English television channels as I believe this will help me improve my pronunciation of English words. In this regard, I believe I will improve on my English competency, which will enhance my interaction with others during meetings and discussions. Besides, the English classes will enable me to learn various English vocabularies that will improve my ability to communicate using the language. Subsequently, I believe that after learning various English terms and improving my accent, I will gain enough confidence to interact and communicate with my peers and colleagues actively. In addition, I believe that enrolling for the classes will improve my teamwork abilities; furthermore, I have started to make friends in my English class and in the neighborhood.

Notably, mingling with new friends and neighbors has taught me social values especially how to interact with different people. I have learned how to observe turn taking during discussions as well as improve my listening skills. Recently, one of my neighbors volunteered to help me learn English at home and I believe this will enhance my ability to converse using the language. Over the years, I did not discern the importance of various social media platforms; as such, I did not have a presence in any of the networking site. However, I currently have accounts on several social media platforms, which has enhanced my interaction with other people. I am following discussions by other people but also I am also actively participating in such conversations. Pointedly, I have witnessed significant improvement in my social skills.

Ostensibly, I am making all these efforts to help me achieve my goals. My short-term goal of securing an internship opportunity in a human resource department in a firm based in Chicago is likely to boost my job skills and social experience. Besides, the internship will give me an opportunity to enhance my class knowledge and skills to solve various real-life situations. During the internship, I am likely to meet people and colleagues from different backgrounds, which will enable me to improve my social skills. In particular, if a firm that is based in Chicago accepts my application; I will reduce my transport expenses, as I already have relatives in Chicago whom I can stay with as I complete my internship program. The placement program will set a stable foundation for my future career, as it will give me experience and skills, which are vital for my line of work.

My long-term dream of securing employment within the state and ultimately obtaining an H-1B Visa will enable to earn a salary that will help me pay my bills and support my parents back at home. While working in this position, I will be able to interact with different people, and this will expand my experience and knowledge in human resource management. The placement can help me secure permanent citizenship in the United States. The 1-HB Visa will allow me to apply for sensitive government jobs such as serving in government offices, working at the White House, and vying for a representative position in the nation. In this case, the job and the H-1B visa will enable me to provide for my needs. To reinforce the achievement of these goals, I will reward myself for achieving particular targets. For instance, if I secure the internship in Chicago, I plan to visit the State Museum. Furthermore, if I secure a government job, I plan to relocate to a more spacious house to reward my achievement.
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