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Age Discrimination Term Paper


Discrimination Term Paper:

Age discrimination or ageism is the discrimination of the human being on the basis of her age. This problem is widely spread in the society in the formal and informal circles. It is generally based on the readiness to perceive and cooperate only with those people who meet the standards of the criteria of the certain age. The term ‘ageism’ appeared in the 1960-ies and meant the discrimination of one age group by the others.

Naturally, the Western culture evaluates people according to the criteria of productiveness and effectiveness and it is quite evident that young and elderly people have different indicators of these criteria and the young people are appreciated more. This phenomenon caused the trend of antiageism, which is characterized with the objection of ageing.

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The elderly people try to hide the evidence of their age with the help of various methods (pharmacology, plastic surgery, biotechnologies, etc) in order not to lose respect of the society and meet those criteria of productiveness and effectiveness. In fact there is another form of age discrimination which makes the young people its target and it is called adultism. Grown-ups and elderly people offence and discriminate the younger people treating them like inexperienced and foolish ones and never devote serious duties to them. The brightest examples of adultism are the relations of parents with children, elder brothers and sisters with the younger ones, teachers and students, elder classmates with the younger mates. It is obvious that both types of age discrimination affect an individual negatively, because every oppressed person loses her self-esteem and self-consciousness and gains numerous psychological problems which hinder the normal life.

Age discrimination is a serious problem which requires solution, because every sort of discrimination is a shame of the human society. A well-organized term paper on age discrimination should present the problem from all sides, explain its cause and effect, its roots and give the direct example of ageism in the human relations. The student should define the types of ageism and think about the methods which can help to defeat the problem effectively. Finally, one is supposed to evaluate the problem professionally and demonstrate how age discrimination influences the human life.

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