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Term Paper on Procrastination


Term Paper:

Procrastination is the term used in psychology which means the constant delay of the important and difficult thoughts, duties and tasks. Procrastination is characterized with the fear or lack of the individual’s desire to fulfil the duties and cope with the work on time. Furthermore, instead of working an individual pays attention to the trivial and absolutely unimportant activities and does everything in order to avoid doing the job. For example, a person must prepare an article and the deadline is close, but she decides to wash flowers, clean the floor, cook, etc and delay the time of the work as much as possible. The research of the problem started in 1992 but there have been numerous thoughts about this problem hundreds of years before. Procrastination is called the disease of the modern generation, because the time is dynamic and everyone should work much in order to achieve success and many people suffer from stress and experience the uncertainty in the following day and avoid making serious decisions delaying them all the time.

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There are many theories which try to explain the roots of procrastination and stress is one of them.

An individual is afraid of the future, of failure, incompetency, etc. Another problem is perfectionism.

One is afraid of failure and delays the work. Next, there is the problem of fear of the success. One is afraid of the success and the responsibility which hide beyond it. The best ways to cope with procrastination are to develop such qualities as industriousness, diligence, the ability of planning and organization of time, scheduling and setting of the right motivation.

Procrastination is a negative quality which makes the human life difficult and uncertain. If the student wants to complete a good procrastination term paper and reveal the problem from all sides, he will need to collect much information about the problem and analyze it wisely. A good paper should contain a brief description of procrastination, the cause and effect of the problem, the types and roots of procrastination, the negative sides of the problem and the possible methods effective to defeat the problem. The student should evaluate the relevance of the problem and define the seriousness of the problem for the human activity.

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