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Alice in Wonderland Term Paper


Paper on Alice in Wonderland:

Alice in Wonderland is not only the novel which was written by Lewis Carroll, but also a syndrome and neurological disorder which is characterized with the altered visual perception of objects which seem to be smaller than they actually are. Although, the patient sees objects smaller, the general picture of the syndrome is quite interesting, because the objects seems to be at the same time very far and very close to the patient and he can not understand the actual distance between himself and the object. The syndrome is also called as dwarfish hallucinations and Lilliputian eyesight.

Years ago expert thought that the syndrome is related with the damage of the patient’s eyes, but nowadays it is obvious that the problem hides in the human psychics. Micropsia touches upon not only the human eyesight and visual perception, but also hearing, touch and even reflection of the body in the mirror.

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The syndrome is active even when the eyes are closed. The secondary symptoms of Alice in Wonderland syndrome are anxiety, apraxia and agnosia. The syndrome is often caused by the severe headache – megrim. Moreover, the syndrome can be influenced by epilepsy and the activity of the strong psychedelic drugs which cause hallucinations (for example, LSD). Alice in Wonderland Disorder can occur among 5 – 10 year old children and most often it occurs in twilight when the human eye does not receive the appropriate quantity of sunlight and can not evaluate the size of the object and the right distance to it.

Alice in Wonderland is an interesting syndrome which is worth student’s attention. It is a good chance to observe the opportunities and secrets of the human psychics and see what disorders can occur if the human psychological health is damaged. The student is obliged to explain the problem from various sides, describe the syndrome in detail, dwell on the cause and effect of the disorder, learn about the factors which can cause it and describe the human life in the circumstances of such the eyesight. The student should explain why the syndrome of micropsia has the name of the famous Carroll’s novel and how it can be cured nowadays.

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