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American Literature Term Paper


Paper on American Literature:

American literature is the literary heritage of the USA which has been written since the first colonists came to the continent form the Old World. Primarily, the American literature is written in English, though there is a certain percent of the text completed in other languages, generally in Portuguese and Spanish. Although American literature is considered to be youngest in the world, the cultural and literary heritage is extremely rich and can be compared to the literature of Europe and Asia. The most serious increase in quality and quantity of the literature was observed in the 19th century. Since that time the literature of the USA was recognized to be the important part of the world literary heritage. The US enriched the world literature with the works of the famous classical writers, like Mark Twain, Edgar Poe, Ernest Hemingway, Ray Bradbury, etc.

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Moreover, the USA can be called the most favorable place for the development of literature, because it prints and publishes more books than in any other country of the world. The American literature is divided into the four main periods which have their own specific features: colonial period, revolutionary period, the literature of the 19th century and the literature of the 20th and 21st centuries. It is obvious that the literature of the USA has absorbed the literary heritage of the European countries whose colonists moved to the New World centuries ago, no wonder the literature is so rich and colorful and contains a wide range of motives and themes.

American literature is the essential part of the world literature, because it has been a birthplace for hundreds outstanding writers and poets who still fascinate the whole world. When a student is asked to complete a good American literature term paper, he will probably face certain problems, as the topic is quite vast. A student is supposed to explain the role of the literature for the whole world, define the most essential periods of the literature of the country, describe the key representatives of these periods and compare their world view and philosophical ideas and schools of writing. It is important to present the contemporary period of the literature and predict its perspectives and quality.

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