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Term Paper on Basketball


Term Paper:

Basketball is the sport game played with the help of a ball and baskets. Basketball is played by two teams which consist on five players. The aim of the game is to score as much goals with shooting the ball into a basket as possible and to prevent the opposite or the rival team from shooting the ball into the basket of the first team. The team which scores more goals wins. The basket is placed 10 feet high above the ground. Every shot values with 2 scores, but there is a possibility to earn 3 scores if the player manages to shoot from the three-point-line. The game is considered to be one of the most popular games in the world and is classified as the Olympic kind of sports from 1936. There are many various competitions held in Europe but the game is the most developed in the USA and is generally believed to be the favorite sports there.

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Basketball is a team game which develops human body and soul. The players have to move all the time and to be very attentive to grab the ball from the opposite team and to score a goal at a moment’s notice. Every basketball player possesses well-trained dexterity and endurance.

Moreover, people develop their strength due to the constant shots of the heavy ball. Basketball is characterized with constant jumping which influences the height of a human, so the parents who want their kid to be tall suggest him to play basketball. Basketball also develops the team spirit, because every victory is not the victory of an individual, but of the whole team.

Basketball is one of the most popular kinds of sports and everyone should know about the rules and origin of the game. When a student chooses to write a term paper about basketball, he is supposed to do much work and read much to collect data for the research. One should investigate the topic attentively and find out about the history of its creation and development. A student should mention the most talented and well-known basketball players and explain their success. Finally, it is interesting to analyze the positive and the negative sides of the game and its impact of the human health and the society.

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