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American Revolution Term Paper


American Revolution was an event that could have actually been prevented. If I were King George of England during those times, there are certain things that could have been implemented in order to halt the bloodshed and seemingly inevitable separation of American colonies from the British Empire. I believe that, if correct action plan was enacted, American Revolution would have never started in the first place.

First of all, officials of the British Empire should not have escalated the conflict by passing different laws that infringed severely on the lives and liberties of the America’s inhabitants. Instead, they should have shown to the settlers that British Empire cared even for those its members who decided to find another place to explore for living. The British Empire should have been supporting the colonists with supplies and ammunition necessary to settle on anew place and start a new life.

By helping the first American settlers, the British Empire definitely would not have acquired their trust and sympathy right away. After all, first ‘citizens’ of America fled from England because they were not satisfied with the regime that was dominant in the British Empire. However, this help would not have gone unnoticed and could have played its role when first signs of global revolt started to become apparent.

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If I were King George, I would also have tried to use the ties and memories that American settlers had about their homes and maybe families that were left in England. I would have tried to send a group of people to the colonies that would pretend to be settlers, but who would promote Englishness and remind the population of first American colonies about their British heritage by celebrating certain national holidays and maybe telling different news about their common home country.

Of course, I would have also tried to use the King’s powers in order to find a person in England who could have actually become the colonists’ leader in America. In case of global uprisings, such leader would have been capable of controlling the mob and persuading them that revolt against the British Empire could result in war against their own families and friends that were left back in England.

I would also try to make the colonies economically dependent on the British Empire. For instance, before they got accustomed to the new place and became self sufficient, I would have started to provide them with everything needed (but just the amounts needed for stable life, no surplus supplies), so that there would have been no motivation for serious exploration of the continent. Also, I would have started to promote the idea about economic cooperation with the empire (which would have actually resulted in settlers looking for various useful things for the sake of the British Crown).

It is apparent that American Revolution took place and resulted in compete separation of American setters from the British Empire because preventive measures were not undertaken by King George. If I were the King at this time, I believe I would have been able to stabilize the situation and to avoid conflict escalation and the war itself.
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