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Anxiety Disorder Term Paper


Paper on Anxiety Disorder:

Anxiety disorder is the psychological disorder which is caused by the long-term stress or short and periodical but intensive stress. Anxiety disorder is characterized with the increased anxiety and various physiological symptoms connected with the autonomic nervous system. Nowadays this disorder is supposed to be the independent one but not a part or the integral element of another serious mental disorder, though it is associated with agoraphobia and various forms of the depressive reactions caused by the adaptation disorder. There are many symptoms of anxiety disorder. The most visible ones are increased anxiety, fear, low mood, intrusive thoughts, sleeping disorders, etc. The disorder is often followed by derealisation and depersonalization. In addition the patient suffers from headaches, dizziness, functional disorders of cardiovascular system (tachycardia, the increase of blood pressure, etc), respiratory disorders (the need of a deep breath, psychogenic dyspnea, etc) and various digestion disorders (nausea, vomit, etc).

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Anxiety disorder has various forms and if it is not cured in the right way, the disorder can transform into the more serious mental problems. The cause of anxiety disorder is the negative experience and constant and intensive stress. For example, students who suffer from school bullying and the ones who face the problem of employee abuse regularly are under the risk of this mental disorder. There are many methods of treatment of anxiety disorder and every method is individual, because the treatment requires personal approach. First of all it is the consultation with the psychologist, discussion of the cause of the problem and finding of the ways of its solutions. Furthermore, the effectiveness of the therapy is increased with the help of the relaxing massage and physical exercises.

Anxiety disorder is quite a widespread problem nowadays, because of the tempo of life and the quantity of stress in everyday life. When the student is investigating the topic, he is asked to use only up-to-date sources and operate the reliable arguments and facts, because the research on the disorder is carried out all the time and it is possible to find the brand new publications on it.

One should dwell on the cause of anxiety disorder, its symptoms, the danger it carries with it, the methods of treatment and the most effective therapies for the prevention of the problem.

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