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Term Paper on Greenhouse Effect


Effect Term Paper:

Greenhouse effect is the phenomenon in the atmosphere of Earth and other planets, which is characterized with fact that the energy of the Sun in the form of the rays does not reflect form the surface of the planet back to the space but remains in the planets’ atmosphere gradually increasing its temperature. The energy is not reflected back, because it connects with the molecules of various gases and remains in the atmosphere. The result of this accumulation of energy is quite negative, because the slightest increase of the planet’s temperature influences the climate on the whole planet, affecting the life of ecosystems. Greenhouse effect is a natural process which is connected with the increase of CO2 in the atmosphere. The increase of carbon dioxide is caused by the natural phenomena, like volcanic eruption, earthquakes, etc, but the more serious impact on the dynamics of the current greenhouse effect causes the human activity. For more than a century the humanity has been developing its industry and broadens the transportation system.

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It is obvious that heavy industry affects the natural environment negatively and its most serious effect is the release of carbon dioxide in enormous masses into the atmosphere. The situation is worsened by the growing number of transport, especially the one working on fuel – automobiles, trucks, planes, ships, motorcycles, etc. All these emissions of carbon dioxide get into the atmosphere and constantly heat it. The result of the greenhouse effect is the change of climate, as a result – hunger, thirst, extinction of biological species, etc. Nowadays the humanity tries to invent the safer means of transportation and filter the industrial emissions in order to reduce the tempo of heating and prevent the global catastrophe.

Greenhouse effect is a serious problem of the modern society. College and university students are always asked to prepare a term paper about the issue in order to attract attention of the younger generation to the matters related with greenhouse effect. A successful term paper explains the relevance of greenhouse effect, the factors which cause it, evaluates the effect of the problem on the natural environment and suggests the most efficient ways of the solution to the problem. The student is supposed to reveal his professional skills and knowledge on greenhouse effect in order to impress the professor and have his term paper approved.

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