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Apple Human Resources Management Essay


Apple Inc. is a multinational technology firm located in Cupertino, California state. The firm deals in product designing, development, and selling, example are iPhones, iPad, and MacBooks. Due to the nature of the operation, the firm has 132,000 employees across the globe (“Apple Touts Itself as Big Job Creator in the U.S.”). The firm engage Human Resource team in successful process of selection and recruiting. The firm uses three methods of recruitment, direct, indirect and third party methods. Direct method involves the firm training potential candidates to training institutions and establishes formal employment later. The indirect method consists in using advertising methods such as journals, radio or television. The indirect method is used when the firm wants to reach out to many candidates; an example is designers. Third party methods involve using private employment assistance, professional bodies or employee recommendations to establish contact with job seekers.

Apple hiring process seems unique. Researching the current methods that Apple Inc. HR is using in recruitment process will enhance understanding. Gathering information is vital. Since the firm have a larger community of workers, both active and retired, using community consultation method on workers will give first-hand information. Use the social media platform to gather information on job vacancies posted or ads. I am interviewing former and current employees of the firm. Through gathering information using means such as community consultation, securing details on how Apple Inc. conducts selection and recruitment procedure is guaranteed (Noe et al.).

To ensure the credibility of data collected, interviewing with an HR manager is imperative. The team will clear any doubts and am planning to contact the HR via Skype. Point of Contact will be Apple’s HR manager, Denise Young Smith (Adam). She will address all procedures in hiring and recruitment process and aid in auditing procedure.

The firm since it has many numbers of employees, it engages in expansion and growth activities. Through buy out, the firm acquired Emagic and its music software. The firm uses downsizing methods to retain revenue and sustain growth through downsizing workforce to reduce wages. The firm looks for ways of expansion to ensure job creation and profit maximization.

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