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Art Movements Essay


After the enlightenment became common, people started diverting their attention from religion to science, politics and art. During the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, there was a lot of development in the field of art. Artists such as Jacques-Louis David who painted for the French Royal family started becoming popular. The fact that Jacques stood up for politics and became involved in the revolution shows an example of social commentary.

When a revolution occurs, people seek a change, which in most cases would be a cultural change. Through art, people learn about different cultures, norms and ideas. If they feel something needs to be improved in their society, or, if they are being oppressed, they become involved in movements. For instance, Jacques-Louis David was a painter himself, and was also a friend of Napoleon Bonaparte but his students Gros and Anne Louis Girodet Roussey de Trison were the ones who caused the revolution in Italy to stop. Art movements became so famous that in France, there used to be the annual Salon where the works of the artists were showcased. Painters gained popularity by displaying their works during the event and they soon caught the attention of not only the academic juries, but also of the general public.

Moreover, as time passed, the genres of art changed as well. For example different groups became popular and each was differentiated from the other by its style. Examples are of the Poussinistes – the people who were advocates of art and discipline in the society, and the Rubenistes – advocates of color in art and also of individual freedom in societies. Preoccupations also changed during the era which can be related to art movements. There were quarrels among different groups who had different ideas. A great example is of Neoclassicism versus Romanticism, which in other words was the conflict between emotion and reason.

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