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Policies on Obesity Essay


Obesity is an issue that is affecting many and in Kentucky obesity is a major problem with the state being ranked among the top ten states with the highest rating of obesity (Partnership for a fit Kentucky, 2009). Obesity can lead to long-term complications such as heart complications, diabetes, as well as psychological problems such as depression, which eventually leads to death if not managed carefully. This is why Kentucky has implemented policies that help reduce obesity, one of these policies is, menu labelling. This particular policy is of interest to me since I realized that many people do not know what is in their snacks or food, as a result they take in harmful fats which are risky to their wellbeing. People should be more aware of the quality of food that they take and not the quantity.

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A person might eat a whole plate of food that is nutritious while another might take a small snack that is packed with calories, thus by menu labeling a company is required to list the amount of calories in their product so as to educate a consumer and help him make the right decision.

Most people in Kentucky have had issues finding healthy food; this is mostly attributed to the high costs of healthy foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables. The high cost of living leaves people with no option but to buy high calories meals being offered at fast food joints. Menu labelling requires that places that serve food either in learning institutions or public areas to list the calorie information in their servings. It is imperative that every state recognize the problem that obesity bring and pass regulations that seek to control it. The bill was introduced in Kentucky in 2008 where it was rejected and was still not passed in 2009 (Partnership for a fit Kentucky, 2009). Though other states such as California and New York have already passed the bill, it has still not been effected in Lexington, Kentucky. It might take time, but numerous foundations and organisations are working hard to ensure that Kentucky embraces healthy eating habits.

Small initiatives have been made to try to legalize the bill on menu labelling in Kentucky by organisations such as Yum brands who decided on implementing the policy on their products starting 2009-2011 (Armstrong, and Tobacco Law Center, 2009). However, in Lexington, Kentucky the policy is yet to be enacted and it may take some time since there are a lot of restrictions. The policy may take time for it to be applied in all eating outlets such as supermarkets, schools and other eateries, but people are aware of the consequences of obesity through other reforms. Soon enough, the bill will be passed regardless of the delays faced from institutions who see the policy as a rise in their cost of operations.in the long run the health and the money saved from dealing with complications resulting from obesity will override their reasons.

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