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Brand Management Term Paper


Paper on Brand Management:

Brand management is the application of techniques of marketing to the definite product, product line or brand. Brand management is supposed to create the system of values concerning the certain product of brand so that creating its image. Branding is the process of the creation of the positive client’s attitude towards the product with the help of the advertisements, wrap, trademark and other elements which make the product different between the similar goods and services produced by other companies; so that it is a creation of the attractive image. The popularity of branding is very high nowadays because every businessman wants to make his firm profitable and his core idea is to demonstrate the exclusiveness of the product on the national and international markets. Brand management is successful only if the company cooperates or involves serious advertisement companies for the creation of the perfect image of the firm.

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It is not a secret that if the company donates much money into advertisement (with its persuasive techniques on the human mind), it will be profitable on the market for a very long period of time.

Moreover, successful brand management is achieved through the three important facts: the creation of the rich history of the product; attention to the national culture; the current realities and predictions for the perspective. Obviously, the majority of people are conservatives and they believe to the experienced company which possess long history and traditions of production; so that the majority of the novice firms invent a fictional history about themselves creating an image for their brand.

Brand management is the process and complex of activities which are important for the development of every brand; because without this complex of efforts it will be very difficult to attract clients and make money for businessmen. The student who is asked to prepare a term paper about brand management should focus on the background of this problem, learn about its principles and methods. The student is supposed to observe the issue on the definite example of famous brands trying to depict the secrets of their popularity. Finally, the young professional is expected to evaluate the relevance of brand management and predict the further development of the methods and techniques of this process.

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