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Crew Resource Management Term Paper


Paper on Crew Resource Management:

Crew Resource Management is the methodology of the education of the staff of the organization in the services where the human factor can cause an accident or even catastrophe. The methodology of CRM is aimed not at the technical knowledge of the object, bit at the interpersonal relations and the relations within the team in critical situations, when it is complicated to make an adequate decision. The primary application of this methodology was introduced in aviation, as it is important to teach the crew to cooperate with one another when there is an accident and there is a threat to the human life. Planes are supposed to be the dangerous means of transport so that the pilots and stewardesses have to know how to react to the different kinds of threats – accidents with passengers, the technical problems with the machine, etc.

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There are passengers who suffer from cardiovascular diseases, claustrophobia and other disorders which can reveal themselves on board and the crew is supposed to be aware about the methods which can be useful for the solution of these problems. The methods of CRM are also applied in other services, like fire-brigades and marine services. Naturally, ships are close to aircraft, because sailors and passengers are isolated from the outer world with the water and the crew has to be aware about the techniques which would be useful for the solution of various critical situations. Every successful and responsible airline introduces the courses of CRM for its employees to make them multitasking experts in different spheres starting from healthcare and finishing with the development of the physical shape to be enough strong to lift the passenger or his luggage when it is necessary in critical situation.

Crew Resource Management is the complex of methods which are expected to teach employees react in the critical situations correctly. The young person is able to dwell on the core issues related with Crew Resource Management and pay attention to the spheres where the methods are applied on practice. One should demonstrate the examples of the methods, evaluate their effectiveness and think about the importance of the special course of CRM for the employees at the services which require serious responsibility. Furthermore, one has to demonstrate the definite examples of the methods and their application on practice known from the history of aviation and other spheres.

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