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Psychology Essay on Child Aggression


The topic I have chosen is the study of children’s aggression in low, middle, and high income class societies. This topic is of high interest to me because I believe that the children who act aggressively do not have the genetic predisposition to violence. Aggression is learned or acquired as the result of social involvement either with friends, adults or family members. While doing the research, I will stay focused on psychological factors affecting the child behavior. I will try to identify whether the aggressive behavior depends on parental income and belonging to the particular class. I am confident that specific and supported by evidence, not theories, trend cannot be traced because violence occurs with children from any social class.

I plan to investigate what exactly causes aggressive behavior – lack of communication with parents, absence of role models, family problems having reflection on children, income, school, and of course mass media. For several decades it has been debates whether the media, movies and music with violence in particular, eventually lead to aggression.

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My opinion is that all of the above factors have some impact on the child to some extend. I have observed and heard about the aggressive behavior among children from all social levels and parents do not want to assume their responsibility for aggression appearance. They try to put everything on violence in media while in the most cases the children use aggression as the mean to remind parents about the needs of the child, to express themselves, and to let their emotions out.

From the first glance, the problem of child aggression seems to be very easily solved – prohibiting children to watch movies with violence in them. However, in reality the issue is much more complicated and such prohibition will not solve anything, if it would the government would remove these movies from most of the channels. In my research I want to dig as deep as possible and try to find the real cause of child aggression in three selected population groups – low, middle, and high income families. My initial goal is to prove that social position has minor impact on aggression development, however, the combination of psychological, societal and media influence shape the child’s openness to aggression development.

I plan to conclude the research with some proposition on how to improve the situation and minimize the negative impact of movies with violence on children. Parents should understand that children need their support, the friendly open environment should be created at home and if aggression occurs it means that the child wants to say something through his actions and be heard. Child aggression is becoming one of the major concerns in society today and parents often make a mistake when they punish child for their aggressiveness. I will provide the guidelines on how to deal with child aggression.
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