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Communication Plan Project Paper


Step 1
Important issues concerning Fly Emirates: how to connect with customers to provide news update about the company, products and services, route additions, as well as sponsorships.

Most affected by the issue: Customers who fly using the company’s planes.

Decision makers: Fly Emirates’ marketing and communication team.
Goal: To help the company to connect with its customers through social media with the aim of providing news update about the company, products and services, route additions, as well sponsorships.
Tangible outcomes: Ensuring there are increased social media conversations between Fly Emirates and its customers.

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Step 2
The primary audience of for the company’s communication plan are the business class and, specifically, those born after the 1990s who fly more.

The secondary audience for this message includes tourists or people who travel for fun or leisure.
There are no tertiary audience who can be reached to influence the secondary and primary audiences.

Audience segmentation
Audience: Business travelers
They are classy and prefer to travel using airlines which are comfortable. They also prefer to be charged highly for tickets so long as they are guaranteed extra comfort and timely arrivals. It is imperative that they get communication regarding departure times and arrival times effectively.
The benefits of them participating in a social media campaign is that most are young and hence it is easy to reach them via social media.

Most of the members of the primary audience prefer using social media for communication. They are highly educated and prefer English as the main communication language. They also desire memorable experiences as they travel.

Step 3
Audience: Business travelers
The benefit of business travelers connecting with the company through social media is that it will help them make quick decisions on what is the best services or package they should purchase from the company.

The attitude I want to change in the audience is that social media channels do not offer credible messages about the position of the company or its packages.

I’m trying to convince the business travelers that social media can be a source of credible and faster news updates on the changes of the airline’s operations.

Our official Twitter page provides minute-by-minute changes of your flight schedule. Our social media accounts give you all you need to make a decision concerning your next flight. You do not have to come to our office, simply let us know what you need through social media.

Step 4
Audience: Business travelers
Source of information: Most business travelers get information from websites and social media. Websites are more reliable to them.

The audience spends most of their time on social media.
Communication channels: Twitter, Websites, Facebook, and messaging apps.

Step 5
The main promotional activities and items include web pages, promotional items and giveaways and news releases.

Step 6
The partners to work with include hotels in different cities, tour companies, and taxi companies.

Step 7
Post two tweets each day to be done by the social media manager.

Step 8
Use social media metrics to measure the effectiveness of the communication plan.
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