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Cosmetic Surgery Term Paper


Cosmetic surgery has often come under pressure as a preserve for individuals who are not satisfied with how they look. Therefore, the perception of people towards this field of medicine has relegated to a procedure done purely for aesthetic purposes. However, there are instances where cosmetic surgery is important and can even save lives especially in cases of children born with potentially fatal birth defects. The target audience are people who opt for surgery for aesthetic purposes, others who use it for purposes, and people who have birth defects that need rectification through surgery.

The film “Wonder” tells the story of a boy born with a disorder that affects the skull leading to massive facial deformity. What is interesting about the film is that the boy, named Auggie, was forced to undergo numerous constructive surgeries for survival and not just for the need of looking good (Wonder, 2017). In the film when Auggie is first presented to the outside world after being home schooled, one cannot fail to empathize with Auggie and appreciate the importance of looks. Although Auggie eventually manages to integrate in the society, there is the general feeling that the plot has been overly romanticized. In the real-world people with birth defects are often forced to stay in seclusion because of rejection and stigmatization. Research suggests that cosmetic surgery can benefit certain individuals because it can correct birth defects, provide reconstruction after an injury, as well as increase self-esteem.

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Self Esteem
Our concept of the self is an important social factor that enables us to freely relate with others. A study conducted by Scholarly Editions (2012), established that most people who seek constructive surgery procedures also have self esteem issues. Self esteem is basically the way we view ourselves in relation to the requirements of the society. People who have low self esteem feel unwanted and have low self worth. For instance, when we consider the story of Auggie in the film “Wonder” from a realistic perspective we cannot help but sympathize with him.

Plastic surgery can singificantly improve the self esteem of an individual by making them more pleasant to look at. Self-esteem allows individuals to go about their duties freely. Successful existence of individuals in the society is significantly determined by their levels of self-esteem. Furthermore, Rosenberg (2014) explains that people with low self-esteem are not able to enjoy life to full potential because of the constant worry whether they will be accepted. Plastic surgery for individuals with deformities or for people not comfortable with how they look can significantly boost self-esteem.

Cosmetic surgery is also used on women who have just lost their breasts to cancer to boost their esteem. According to Knight (2012), more than four hundrend thousand women in the UK are forced to undergo masectomy as a result of breast cancer. Most of these women are later forced to live with scars that constant remind them of the ordeal of cancer. Furthermore, the esteems of these women are signficantly affected and they face difficulties integrating in the general population due to fear of rejection. Most women who have undergone masectomy opt for constructive surgery as a way of boosting their esteem.

Health Benefits
In the movie “Wonder” we are told that Auggie was forced to endure numerous surgeries so that he could survive. The genetic condition had affected his nasal passage and jaws and he was finding it difficult to breathe and swallow (Wonder, 2017). Therefore, cosmetic surgery is not just limited to making people look attractive. There are health situations where plastic surgery can actually be recommended to improve the health of individuals.

Obesity has been associated with cardiovascular diseases and type 2 diabetes. However, overweight individuals are constantly finding it difficult to lose weight through less invasive methods such as exercise and diet. Furthermore, when the life of someone is at risk as a result of being overweight where urgent action is needed cosmetic surgery is the only way to reduce the extra fat in a timely manner. A procedure such as liposuction can be used to remove the extra fat from areas such as the tummy in order to reduce the body mass index (BMI) of an individual.

A large number of people who seek constructive surgery treatments suffer from psychosocial disorders as observed by Scholarly Editions (2012). Studies show that after such people demonstrate positive behavior as they become more comfortable with their looks (Rosenberg, 2014). Therefore, constructive surgery can be combined with psychiatric interventions to treat individuals with psychosial disorders as a way of improving their quality of lives.

Improve Looks and Beauty
Cosmetic surgery for burn victims can help improve the looks of victims. According to University of Michigan (2018), plastic surgery for burn victims can help improve mobility in patients. For instance, a person with severe burns in the neck can face difficulties when moving the neck. Cosmetic surgery can also help to reconstruct eyelids that have been damaged as a result of burns. Reconstructive surgery can be employed to help improve looks and restore normal mobility.

Cosmetic surgery can also help improve looks through the elimination of scars caused by accidents or burns. Scars can affect how a person feels about their looks (Rosenberg, 2014). Furthermore, some scars can affect the quality of life of and individual by acting as a constant reminder of a traumatic experience. Therefore, cosmetic surgery can assist in removing undesirable aspects of our bodies resulting from accidents or burns.

Consider the number of children born with lip clefts who have benefitted from constructive surgery. Lip cleft is not a health problem and an individual can survive comfortably with the condition unless it is extreme (Knight, 2012). However, a person with lip cleft is always conscious of their looks and this might affect how they interact with people. Lip clefts also cause difficulties when pronouncing certain words. Cosmetic surgery can be used to improve the looks of people suffering from lip clefts.

Research suggests that cosmetic surgery can benefit certain individuals because it can correct birth defects, provide reconstruction after an injury, as well as increase self-esteem. Cosmetic surgery boosts self esteem by giving people with defects or people who are not comfortable with their looks a chance to get the looks they desire. Cosmetic surgery also has health benefits for instance when used to correct deformities that pose health risks. Finally, cosmetic surgery can be used to improve the looks of burn and accident victims. Therefore, people should desist from criticizing the practice because it has benefits that make it an important intervention procedure in conventional medicine.
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