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Youtube Recommendation System Paper


This is one of the articles in the Zetero collection that explains in details about the audiovisual database. The author of the article Davidson, & Liebald, focused on explaining to the audience how YouTube has transformed the society. In that way, it has provided detailed examples on how several people have benefit from the use of such audiovisual material. Davidson, & Liebald explains that It is important to note that the majority of YouTube users are individuals who want to showcase their different talents. In the past, most of the individuals who posted their content in that platform were musicians. Presently, the majority of individuals who post content into YouTube platform are business minded people who want to sell their products. Therefore, they will create a full video about their products and present it to the customers through YouTube. It is very effective to watch a video clip through YouTube based on the idea that it allows a person to post any size of the content. In fact, some people are able to post a whole movie for free through the use of YouTube.

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The management of this platform tends to pay individuals who have most views in those platforms and these shows how effective the system is to the society. An individual can post content for free and if he/she gets several views would starting earning from this platform. Several individuals focus on getting paid through posting video that entertains, however, they need to be very creative to ensure that more viewers continue to view their content into their YouTube channel.

Davidson, & Liebald explains one of the elements that YouTube has enhanced as an organization is the way the users are allowed to promote it. The researcher explains that in the 2000s, YouTube had the lowest numbers of users, however, many people complained that it was too expensive to watch each video on YouTube. For an individual to watch any information on YouTube, the internet connection should be available. Majority nations tend to sell internet at a very high rate and several individuals may not be able to afford. However, companies have been able to provide cheap data to the local people in recent years (Davidson 45). This has enabled individuals to be able to have cheap access to YouTube platforms. Based on that, when individuals post content on YouTube usually uses other social media play platforms to ensure their fans watches those videos. They are promoting YouTube since their fans will want to watch some of the videos that their celebrities have posted through such action. It has expanded the base of the market for YouTube making it be one of the most profitable audiovisual databases in the world with such move.

The Davidson article has provided detailed information regarding how the YouTube platform can be used to boost the business sector of every individual. Several businesses and focus individuals can benefit a lot from these types of information, for example, some of the people prefer using the YouTube to educate other on various matters regarding business (Davidson 45). A good example is the TED talk shows that explain different issues relating to how to become a successful business person. With such information, a person can learn one or two aspects that would boost business ideas. Most of the TED talk shows is achieved by individuals who are very successful in that sector.

Davidson, & Liebald article has also given an example of Bill Gates thirteen favorite TED talks particularly the second show discussing the danger of science denial upload by Worth Hanson in February 2010 is really inspiring several individuals in the world. The show is very important because it discusses the need of not staying where were one is at the moment, rather, should go back to the past events to gather mistakes and lessons from inventions, and plan how to deal with it in the future. Michael Specter further indicates the strives one should be making; that is, health, wealth, mobility and opportunity by trying to achieve more than what our parents and grandparent achieved. This favorite TED talk show, for example, is enjoyed by Bill Gates who is the second richest person in the world. In fact, he has been one of the longest riches people in the world, as such, Bill Gates has been inspiring several individuals on how they can be successful. When individuals hear such information would want to implement them and such aspect show how YouTube can benefit individual around the world (Davidson 45). In the past, people had to buy movies or certain songs, hence, it was very expensive for individuals to afford such cost. However, with the introduction of YouTube is has resulted in several individuals having accessibility to such platform easily.

One of the weaknesses of the article is the fact that has not provided a lot of shortcomings regarding YouTube. One shortcoming that the author has presented is the way some of the people use YouTube for the wrong reasons (Susarla 76). For example, in the past, some people choose to post certain content which was considered to be immoral by a group of people and that is why some countries in the Middle East banned the use of YouTube for irrelevant issues. The government argues that such type of platforms tends to corrupt the mind of the people negatively and such tends to affect the ability of the student to study. It is reported that some of the students tend to spend a lot of their time viewing information on YouTube and this can make them forget to study. Another weakness that the article has provided regarding YouTube is the fact that it is time-consuming for other the individuals who could use that time to work on different projects which would be much benefit. The Middle East nation through their governments has restricted its individuals from practicing the western cultures through banning YouTube platform.

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