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Death in Venice Term Paper


Paper on Death in Venice:

Death in Venice is the novella written by the famous German writer Thomas Mann and it was first published in 1912. The majority of critics of that time named it the prominent novella due to its deep philosophic thoughts, psychologically delicate atmosphere and perfect organization from the point of view of literature.

Many critics stated that its perfectness can not be laid on other form of art as it loses its quality and charm. Just after the publishing, Thomas Mann was spoken about as the most worthy applicant to receive the Nobel Prize for literature, in spite of the fact that the majority of the books of this genre had already been written. Thomas Mann wanted to write a story about passion as the source of foolishness and degradation being inspired with the story of love between Wolfgang Goethe and Ulrike Sophie von Levetzow who was 18 years old.

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The writer was also under the effect of death of Gustav Mahler and trip to Venice with its picturesque views and completely different lifestyle. Of course, Mann was also influenced by Richard Wagner who died in Venice and wrote Tristan and Isolde there – the work which absorbed romantic and deathly atmosphere. Mann also tried to demonstrate the relations between the human mind and soul, the tragedy of passion and fascination with death. The main characters of the novella are Gustav von Aschenbach, a famous author of the 19th century, who came to Venice and a young man Tadzio, who becomes the target of passion from the side of the author. The novella describes the relations between Gustav von Aschenbach and Tadzio and the philosophic ideas of the author about the meaning of life.

Death in Venice is the famous novella written by Thomas Mann and the student is able to prepare a worthy term paper about the book demonstrating his skills, knowledge and creativity. The young person is able to analyze the plot of the novella, think about the characters, their inner world, philosophic ideas, problems and themes revealed in the text and compose a quality assignment which will impress the professor. One should analyze the plot and the stylistic devices found in the book in order to complete the ideal term paper which will observe the book from all sides.

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