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Term Paper on Stereotyping


Term Paper:

Stereotyping is the practice of the solid subjective attitude towards the people and events around set according to personal or public opinion. Stereotyping is the problem which is observed in the social studies and psychology. When the person is speaking about other people (who are complete strangers to her) and ascribes the traits of character to them just because of the particular general opinion about them – it is called stereotyping. The problem is very common is the human society, because nearly everyone treats other people according to the certain stereotypes. For example, when one sees a person in spectacles, there is a stereotype, that the person is smart or when one sees a tattooed person, he treats her like a criminal. Very often stereotypes are closely connected with prejudice and superstition which appear on the regional level.

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Obviously, there are regional and common stereotypes and it is the sphere of the research of cultural anthropology. Stereotypes are often associated with ethnical minorities, various social groups, like gender, social class, status, sexual preferences, etc. Moreover, there are common stereotypes about the colour of the human hair, eyes and skin which are associated with the intellectual abilities of people. There are also religion stereotypes, for example, Muslims are often associated with terrorism, while atheists have been treated like Satanists by the representatives of different Christian churches. Stereotyping is most often a negative practice, because it is not right to make the opinion about other people before you communicate with them. Nowadays more and more people try to get rid of this habit and avoid practising stereotypical manner of thinking about others.

Stereotyping is the process of the subjective thinking about other people without the actual knowledge about these people, their character, lifestyle, etc. When the student is interested in the issues of psychology and social studies, he should pay attention to the problem of stereotyping. The student should focus on the explanation of the term stereotype and observe the problem from the different points of view. One will have to observe stereotyping from all sides and explain the phenomenon and its cause and effect from the professional point of view. It is important to demonstrate the creativity and illustrate stereotyping in different forms, for example, proving the examples from literature and real life.

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