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Development Economics Term Paper


Paper on Development Economics:

Development economics is a practical discipline, which is connected with the creation of the political and economic strategy of the increase of the level of life in the developing countries. The discipline is quite important and plays a great role in the modern society, because the current condition of the majority of countries is still unfavourable and the experts on development economics try to understand the cause of these economic problems. They analyze the natural environment, natural potential of the country, its climate, people (human resource), the political situation, the form of government, etc. The discipline is focused on the research of the factors which cause the mass poverty, the reasons of unemployment and generates factors, tendencies and strategies which can be useful in the stimulation of the economic growth there. The aim of development economics is to break the obstacles on the way of the economic development of the countries which have the low rates of income.

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Nowadays, the problem is really urgent, because the world is divided into the rich Western world and the Eastern and Southern developing one.

The result of this bipolar structure is the economic inequality and poverty in the majority of the countries. With the help of the creation of the sensible strategies and methods it is possible to evaluate the potential of every country and work out an effective scenario of the efficient solution to the problem. The expert on development economics touch upon the spheres of politics, sociology, culture, anthropology, economics, etc. Of course, the effectiveness of the embodiment of the strategies depends on the local government of the country and its desire to carry out the reforms.

Development economics is a complex discipline which is aimed at the improvement of the economic condition of the developing countries. The student is able to focus on the issues related with development economics, explain its work, dwell on the principles of its functioning, the methodology, strategy and techniques of work, the strong and weak sides of development economics, the success and failure of the discipline on the definite examples, etc. The student is expected to evaluate the matter objectively, analyze the factors which influence the functioning of development economics and summarize the paper in the appropriate way.

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