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Energy Conservation Term Paper


Paper on Energy Conservation:

Energy conservation is complex of efforts aimed at the reduction of the quantity of the used energy. The necessity of energy conservation is quite obvious and is explained with the help of two arguments: the majority of the sources of energy are exhausted and restore very slowly and the extensive use of energy has a negative impact on the natural environment. These two major arguments have persuaded the humanity to economize energy and develop the alternative sources of energy for the common benefit.

The majority of the developed countries have understood that the energy conservation is the solution of the energy crisis, so they are working hard in order to create the alternative technologies aimed at the improvement of the rational use of energy and to reduce the dependence on such sources as oil, gas and coal. Energy conservation touches upon such sectors as transportation and construction. It is important to manufacture the ecologically safe vehicles which consume less energy and do not cause harm to the environment.

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Nearly the whole modern public transport in the developed countries is ecologically safe and conserves much energy. Then, the sphere of construction also requires fulfilling the norms of energy conservation in order to reduce the waste of energy in the industrial and residential buildings. The most effective methods to reach the required norms are connected with the alteration of the materials and technologies of building. The walls, the floor and the ceiling of the house require improvement to reduce the waste of heat (as a result the host will pay less for the energy used for heating). Finally, energy conservation is regulated with the help of the heavy taxation. If the energy is expensive, people stop wasting it extensively.

Energy conservation is the important practice which is supposed to solve the problem of energy crisis which has become so relevant nowadays. The term paper about energy conservation is the profound investigation of the problem and is aimed to persuade the reader in the necessity of the reasonable use of energy. One should demonstrate the problems which can occur because of the lack of energy conservation and present the list of the methods and strategies which can help the humanity safe as much energy as possible.

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