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Essay on Banning Tobacco


Tobacco Essay:

People around the world quit smoking still more often. In a few countries there is active lax on banning tobacco. However, in some others smokers are not going to surrender and claim that any bans violate their rights.

Why do they think so? The cause of that is common myths about the smoking ban, which are applied successfully by the tobacco corporations.

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  1. Myth number one: My rights on smoking are violated. What happens if you limit the number of designated smoking areas? The air will be cleaner, people will be healthier, the restaurant business will not suffer and there are many other beneficial effects of the ban on smoking in public places. Even your oncologist cannot prohibit you from smoking. But your tobacco smoke violates the rights of others to clean air. Imagine that instead of lighting up a cigarette at the bus stop and you have decided to ease nature. Unthinkable? But discomfort to others, non-smoking people, will be about the same from both actions – only tobacco smoke causes cancer in non-active smokers. Therefore, it is not about to make quite smoking. You will just have to smoke in areas where smoking is permitted.
  2. Myth two: Tobacco smoke is dangerous only for the smoker. The most obvious example: the main cause of lung cancer in non-smokers is inhaling other people’s tobacco smoke. Other forms of cancer, heart attacks, and strokes, too often are the effects of passive smoking. And, as it turned out, if a child is inhaling tobacco smoke, it gets much more deadly substances than adults. The best way to preserve the health of our families is just stop smoking.
  3. Myth three: Everybody is against the banning tobacco. Speculation about banning tobacco, oddly enough, are quite popular. It is supported by 80-90 percent of non-smokers, and a half of smokers do not mind the violation of their “right to smoke.” The researchers found that smokers seriously expect to give up their bad habit due to the fact that they will not be able to smoke in a cafe or smoke in the stairs during a break at work.
  4. Myth five: Install proper ventilation, and no one gets hurt. Research results by the ventilation systems developers say that there have not yet been invented sufficiently reliable air filtration system capable of 100 percent to protect people from tobacco smoke.

In addition, often dividing zones for smokers and nonsmokers is purely symbolic, and between them there is not even a solid wall.

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