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Environmental Science Term Paper


Paper on Environmental Science:

Environmental science is a system of actions aimed at the rational use of the natural resources, protection of the valuable and unique natural complexes and maintenance of ecological safety.

Environmental science embraces state, administrative, law, economic, political and social measures aimed at the rational use, protection and restoring of the planet’s natural resources and limitation of the negative human impact on the environment.

Environmental science is an extremely broad issue which must not be confused with environmental protection, because the latter is simply the instrumental branch of the greater science. The discipline studies the environmental structure, rules and laws of its functioning, its problems, the types of its degradation and generates the most effective methods which can be applied for the improvement of the ecologic system of Earth. It is quite obvious that environmental science is a rather new discipline, which has its beginning in the 20th century when the humanity noticed the consequences of its harmful effect on the nature.

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In order to cope with pollution, deforestation, extinction of species, restoration of ecosystems and solution of the problem on overpopulation, a broad methodology of environmental science was generated. The basic efforts which can be taken for the improvement of the ecological situation are: the reduction of the emissions released to the atmosphere and wastes poured into hydrosphere; the creation of scientific nature reserves and national parks for the protection of natural complexes; the limitation of fishing and hunting for the protection of the endangered species of animals; the reduction of littering and maintenance of the system of waste management, etc.

Environmental science is a serious study which can provide one with the quality knowledge about the efforts which are taken for the improvement of the environmental situation. The student has the chance to dwell on the science in detail, pay attention to its history, the elements which make the environmental science unique and useful for the society. The student is expected to evaluate the main purpose of the science’s research and think about strong and weak sides of the discipline, the success and failure of the science’s practice. One is able to observe the methodology of the environmental science and predict its further development and impact on the ecological situation of the planet.

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Custom Term Paper on Environmental Science

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