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Essay on How to Learn English


to Learn English Essay:

How often we can hear phrases like: “I cannot remember English words,” “I do not understand what time to use here,” “I am unable to learn English,” “I went to English classes and learned nothing”…

The list goes on infinity. Indeed, there are times when even the most experienced, most intelligent and most talented teacher cannot succeed in teaching English to a student. People call this phenomenon an inability to languages, but is it really the case?

It is in common tradition of many language courses to necessarily include grammar and vocabulary, and many other philological aspects of a language. As a result, students, at least 70% of them want to learn English to communicate, forced to cram grammar first and only at the end of the education begin to communicate with native speakers and visit conversational clubs.

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That is why already at the initial stage of the course, the students lose all their desire to study further, as after a grammar mountain within two-month training, there is dimly visible cloud of prospect of conversational lessons. However, today many language courses are already moving to the division of training students for simple users (those who want to communicate in a foreign language) and linguists (who need to go thorough preparation on the theoretical level).

Now let’s talk about the so-called “inability to languages.” Did you know that scientists have calculated the percentage of humanity who have the ability to learn a foreign language? According to them, these are just 6% of the total world population. But in these 6% there are only the people who are able to not only learn a foreign language, but also to use as native – with the correct pronunciation and accents. As for learning English or any other language at the user level, it can be made absolutely by any educated person who has a desire or need to learn it (by the way, if necessary, the research speed is greatly improved, without losing quality.)

The so-called inability to language – it is either incorrect learning program or banal internal reluctance to study. Not to run into the first problem, psychologists recommend initially pass a psychological test to determine the appropriate intensity of lessons and only after that look for suitable language courses.

For example, a melancholic person cannot effectively learn language, by plunging into the midst of native speakers, as it is for them to some point a stress and choleric person is not able to go through more than three classes, if English lessons are not reinforced with intensity and not having a form of gaming sessions.

None of the courses and even the best teacher will not help you to learn the language if you are not motivated to learn it yourself. Let’s list the main types of people who go to foreign language courses:

  • pupils and students (look to the future and think of a prestigious job)
  • housewives (to learn, still house holding)
  • employees of companies (corporate training “for free” as a way to motivate)
  • employees of companies that focus on career and pay for their own training. From all of this list, only the first and last type of students will be quickly and effectively learn the language. Because they are specifically motivated and they do need knowledge of English or any other language.

Custom Essay on How to Learn English

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