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Essay: Difficult Interaction


others like you want to be treated yourself,” goes a famous saying. However, this is not what we sometimes encounter in today’s competitive world. Unfortunately, difficulties concerning interaction with other people do not surprise anybody nowadays. They appear rather often due to differences between people’s perception of various aspects of life. Unfortunately, I have encountered such a difficulty in my life recently.

During last two years I have been participating in volunteer educational activities within a specialized school. My associates and I carry out studies and trainings for immigrants, the poor, and adult students. We teach general basic level of general disciplines such as English, math, and others.

Last year I was assigned a group of immigrants to conduct classes. One of the students was a teenager from Moldova (former Soviet Republic). Igor – this was his name – showed no inclination toward studies, and behaved very badly. Igor’s behavior often disturbed other students of the group. This constant distraction has become a real problem for me as a teacher. As Igor’s conduct became more insufferable, the senior teacher Mrs. Angleton decided to have him expelled and transferred to a school for troubled students. It was a bad idea in my opinion, and I have decided to defend the boy. I felt that the problem of Igor’s behavior was concealed deep in his mind, and I figured I would be able to help him. However Mrs. Angleton insisted on transferring him to another school.

Being the curator of this group I have decided to cope with the challenge myself, and put my efforts to helping Igor. I felt the bot was rather intelligent, but he was naturally cloaking his intelligence behind the wall of despair and aggressiveness. He in fact was a poor teenager experiencing serious emotional problems. I tried to explain my idea to Mrs. Angleton, but she did not react. Contrarily, she argued that one of teachers’ commitments was to care about safety and comfort of other students. However, I still could not let Igor be transferred to a school for troubled teens. I was sure that Igor deep inside was not a troubled teenager, but rather a regular, peaceful, and loving boy. I have decided to prove Mrs. Angleton I was right.

To start with, I found out more about Igor’s family. His father was a wealthy man in Moldova; he died under strange circumstances. Igor and father were very close, and the boy had a deep depression after father’s death. Soon their family (mother and four children) moved abroad. In our country they became regular poor immigrants. Loss of father and cultural shock resulted in Igor’s difficult psychological state. Having told my colleague about all that, I asked her to give him another chance to stay. Unfortunately, she made the decision already, and Igor had left by then.

The difficult interaction consisted in the difference between my perception and Mrs. Angleton’s. This difference of views led to the most difficult interaction with a person I have had recently.

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