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Financial Aid Review Essay


Name of the Financial Aid Officer
Job Title
City and Street Zip Code
Mr/Ms (Last Name of Financial Aid Officer):

I am G.H, an undergraduate student, looking forward to continuing my studies at California State Dominguez Hills. Thank you for the considerable financial package you have provided me thus far. However, I am contacting you for a review of my financial package due to changes in my family’s economic circumstances.

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I foresee challenges with my 2019 spring semester because I might have a difficult time paying for my out of pocket school expenses. I will require a more significant financial aid package to carry on with my education successfully. I am currently unemployed and have been unable to find a job because I act as my siblings’ caregiver while my father works. His pay is inadequate to pay for childcare and also support my out of pocket school needs. Getting a job would harm my studies as I would not have enough time to take care of my family responsibilities and attend classes as required. Achieving my college degree is essential because it would serve as a reminder to my siblings of the power of working hard.

I have already made efforts to lift my grades that had gone down last fall. I have enrolled in the school’s tutoring center. I am also a part of different study groups, and I am continually seeking my professors’ help when it comes to the course material. I believe that all of these elements are proof of my commitment to continue my education and achieving high grades. I hope that you will re-evaluate the amount of financial aid that I can receive based on the changes mentioned above to my economic situation. Having this help will allow me to achieve my objective of obtaining a diploma from California State Dominguez Hills. Please let me know if you require any more information or whether I should set aside time to meet with you. You could reach me through my phone number or email address. I appreciate your consideration and look forward to hearing from you.

[Student’s Name]

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