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Essay on Beyonce



Beyonce Giselle Knowles was born September 4, 1981. Beyonce has an unusual exotic beauty inherited from the mother. Tina Knowles belongs to Cajun inhabiting Louisiana and related to creoles. Cajun have mixed blood In their veins. Among their ancestors there are French, American Indians, immigrants from the Canary Islands, Spanish, and many other people belonging to different races, cultures, and civilizations. From her childhood, the girl firmly believed that she would became a famous singer, and her parents strongly supported the young talent.

When she was seven, Beyonce has won more than 30 talents competitions during a year. Later, her father has became the producer of Destiny’s Child, which largely came thanks to Beyonce.

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Who would have thought that such a stylish and chic girl! Who is driving crazy millions of men around the world, was very withdrawn and shy as a child. Many of her classmates did not even know that her mother owned a beauty salon (that is why the singer has such a love for professional cosmetics and high-end clothing). As one of the vocalists of Destiny’s Child, Beyonce had already stood out not only with her voice and artistry, but also with the exclusive jewelry and stylish clothing.

But when the group ceased to exist (all the while insisting that they are not in any way broke up, but just having time to rest), she took seriously not only her solo career as an R’N’B singer, but also her career as an actress, playing one of the main roles in the third film about Austin Powers. In addition, the singer has appeared in several commercials.

But there is still more. As the owner of a delicate taste that is manifested in everything she does, from furniture to perfumes, the star designs and produces her own clothing line. Now you can buy fashionable shoes, handbags, and dresses from the most exclusive Beyonce, quite trusting her taste and natural flair for what is en vogue. By the way, exclusive clothes by Beyonce can be purchased at the boutique, which is owned by one of her former colleagues from Destiny’s Child.

Knowles has also achieved some success in Hollywood, starring in such movies as 2006 comedy The Pink Panther and the musical Dreamgirls of the same year, which earned her two nominations for the Golden Globe award for her role and the song from the movie.

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