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Love Poem Essay


Great and beautiful is our love
Fate is when the right person you have.
So strong is the love I have
Nothing wrong can ever be
Love it was at first sight
Wanted to be with you each night

Your beauty shines through the gloomiest storm,
So bright and warm,
Sparkling eyes like stars in the sky,
Staring into them gives a feeling of soaring high,
Moment by moment to love you forever,
Everything else may crumble but ceasing to love you, will I never,
For my heart, my soul, you are
Baby my whole world, you are

You give me a reason to wake up and face every hectic day,
Making time to game, laugh and play,
Whenever you are by my side, I feel an amazing pride,
Knowing that you are part of me each day makes me feel so blessed,
Seeing you on this special day makes the best part of my day,
You are my angel my little hearts queen,
Always has solutions to my pains and problems,

Love must be so sweet
I bear testimony since we ever meet
You moved in my life like some star
You bore my pain as though it was you
And gave me a supportive shoulder as though
I would give you some pay

You showed me novel love that I never felt before
Love that made my inherent weakness come to the fore
Through your smile, I got a new lease of life on earth
And feel my soul is filled with joy
You give me strength when I feel low
And provide an enduring pillar whenever I go low

Happy birthday sweetheart
I love you

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