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Essay on Breaking Bad


Bad Essay:

One of the most important influential TV series came to an end on a high note, but managed to not just meet high expectations, but also to increase the level of suspense. The final season of Breaking Bad for a long time will be a measure of the professionalism of authors and actors.

TV series about an empty man living his unremarkable life became a criminal genius who built his criminal empire, surrounded by walls of lies, betrayals, mental superiority and innate cunning will yet receive a full and thorough analysis. However, if you do not delve into the philosophical questions and do not attempt to cover the boundless, and the main thing is not to try to attract new adherents to the Meth Church of Heisenberg the martyr, you would have almost perfect television series, rightfully became the model for future generations of actors and TV producers.

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Of course, the first thing, we have to pay tribute to the writers of the show. Breaking Bad is very hard to blame for a walk-through episodes or to accuse it of incompleteness of some plot lines -all the heroes were able to make their final bow, and if any of you found some episodes excessively dramatic or, on the contrary, they did not meet your expectation, it only indicates that the overall level of the series is so high “that the slightest deviation from the norm” seems to be a step backwards.

The script is wonderful, and the persistence of Vince Gilligan, the main engine of the series, who led the heroes till the very end of the deliberated line, deserves a special respect, as a rare show can boast to be such carefully thought out down to the last scene. This is one of the main reasons why it is so addictive and does not let you go until the last second.

I cannot leave the directing without attention either. The series is not a monotonous narration, but on the contrary, is rich in semitones. Even the fact that the audience is clearly divided into two groups: one seeing Walter a sensitive monster, walking over bodies, blinded with thirst for the money, and the other that sees him as a human becoming the hostage of the circumstances and having a good soul. The same applies to the other personages – each watcher may identify himself with to Jesse and Skyler, Hank and Saul Goodman, to Gus, Michael Todd, and Mike, but you won’t find two people with the same feelings to these characters.

It is equally difficult to unambiguously interpreted every single episode, as the authors left room for imagination and the decision to take up on someone’s side, without a push from the creators.

And the main thing, it is remarkably similar to real life, where anyone can make a mistake, where even accurate calculations do not give 100 percent results.

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