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Essay on Caesar and Cleopatra


and Cleopatra” Essay:

The events of the play Caesar and Cleopatra by Bernard Show are unfolding in Egypt in the city of Alexandria, at the end of the reign of Dynasty XIII, in 48 BC. Caesar’s legions come to Egypt. The city is in panic. Cleopatra, sixteen-year-old girl, disappeared. She is nowhere to be found.

At this time, Julius Caesar, alone in the desert passes by a small copy of the Sphinx and sees Cleopatra, sleeping on the chest of the stone sculpture. She wakes up, says that she is the queen of Egypt, and invites Caesar, whom she calls “the old man,” to climb up to her and to hide from the Romans. Cleopatra is madly afraid of them. Caesar admits that he is a Roman, and says that if the girl will do everything as he says, he will not hurt her. Cleopatra promises to be his slave and obey him in everything. Then they sneak their way through the desert to the palace.

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In the palace, Cleopatra behaves very timidly. She is afraid to give orders to the servant, and is in awe of her nanny Ftatatita. Caesar teaches her to behave regally, command and force others to obey. Cleopatra comes in taste and is already dreaming, as she will “feed” their slaves poison and throw them into the Nile at the mercy of crocodiles. Caesar tells her not to slow down a little.

However, she is still very much afraid of Caesar. When the Roman soldiers come into the palace, welcoming the man standing next to her saying: “Glory to Caesar!”, Cleopatra suddenly understands who he is and feeling relief and sobbing, falls into his arms.

King Ptolemy Dionysus (ten year old boy, brother of Cleopatra and her rival) and his guardian Potin come in the lower hall of the palace. They are accompanied by Theodotus, the young king’s mentor, Achilles, his military commander, and courtiers. Ptolemy taught by Potin tries to express his dissatisfaction with the invasion of Caesar and Cleopatra behavior. Caesar accompanied by a Roman officer and his secretary Rufiyaa British, Briton by nationality, dressed all in blue, comes in the hall. Caesar is not inclined to shed blood in Egypt, but he demands part of the money that Egypt should give Rome the old agreement between Caesar and the former king of Egypt whom Caesar at the time helped to regain the throne. Cleopatra, who has decided to behave like a queen, runs up to his brother and pulls him from the throne, and takes his place. Caesar, touched the boy’s chagrin, soothes him gently.

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