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Essay on Daily Routine


Routine Essay:

Daily routine is a very important and integral part of our life. Very often we are faced with a situation where we spent the whole day busy with something, but in the end … there is no result. To avoid such situations, you need to make a schedule. You need properly and effectively organize your work in order to keep control of your time.

If done properly, the result is not long to wait. You can get rid of the mess in your head and around you. You activity will become more efficient, as you will always keep control of all affairs. You will be able to correctly assess the productivity of your operations for the day and for all time. Your head will not be busy with the question: “What have I not done?” You will have time to work a lot more, because a day with a planned daily routine is more productive than a day spent without it.

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One of first rules of an effective daily routine is to plan your future. Give 6-8 hours to work, do not forget your meals and rest. It is also highly recommended to include sport activity to your schedule, so you will not have search time for it.

The time allocated for the work should used as productively as possible. Working hours, if desired, can be scheduled in more detail or specific way.

In order to properly plan your schedule and not lose control of time, make a list of cases, estimated in order of importance.

For example:

  • • The tasks that must be done first.
  • • Important but not urgent tasks.
  • • The tasks that can be postponed.

You should starts with the first tasks and follow continuously your list.
Include thing you did not have time to do in daily routing of your weekends. They still need to be done. But do not forget to rest too, because the next day is a working day.

The next step is to keep a notebook constantly at hand. Creative people have many ideas during a day. It is virtually impossible to keep all of them in mind. With time, such and notebook will be a golden chest with your ideas, you will see.

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