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The Role of Artificial Intelligence Essay


The role of artificial intelligence should consist of helping humanity by simplifying difficult and complex functions. The development ought to help society minimize the time and resources allocated to specific tasks. For instance, the use of this technology in manufacturing enhances efficiency and accuracy. In addition, it increases the amount of products processed within a specific amount of time (Bookchin 110). Most importantly, artificial intelligence promotes quality and reduces errors within the production process. People want to establish a complementary relationship with AI, where robots and computer systems help societies to explore and exploit its full potential. As a result, individuals should perceive AI as a partner, as opposed to a competitor, in the conduct of daily activities. For example, AI can assist people to manage their homes, drive cars, and perform complex mathematical calculations (Harari 20). Therefore, communities that embrace and promote innovation will be able to live their best lives. On the other hand, people that oppose or ignore AI tend to experience social, economic, and political hardships.

The primary purpose of AI is to make humanity better by liberating communities from present and future problems. AI enables people and organizations to streamline processes and improve efficiency in all industrial activities (Tene, Jules, and Ahmed 16). For example, it can assist doctors to diagnose diseases in record time, perform high-risk surgeries, and monitor patients’ health condition. Additionally, the application of AI in education creates important tools and techniques, such as virtual tutoring, expeditious research, and customized learning (Bookchin 121). Experts predict that AI could be used in medical research and analysis to fight stubborn diseases, such as cancer and HIV/AIDS. Additionally, this technology is applicable in home management, where people use AI to maneuver and protect their homes. Therefore, AI has the potential to revolutionize and improve nearly all aspects of human life.

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