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Essay on Ecological Awareness


Awareness Essay:

Awareness is the highest form of reflection of objective reality intrinsic only to a human being as a way of his relationship to the world and himself mediated through the universal forms of socio-historical human activity.

Awareness is a unity of mental processes that are actively involved in the comprehension of the objective world and man’s own being.

Formation of the ecological awareness is characterized by such features as a global rethinking of basic philosophical issues, reliance on science and its connection with the humanistic values, the ability to rise above own interests for the interests of the wider social strata, the desire to act in the name of conservation, saving life on the planet. Such formation occurs in four areas: scientific (seen in the desire to put into practice the knowledge of naturally occurring links and how to avoid their destruction during production activities); economic (through the realization of economic disadvantages of industrial activity, destroying nature); cultural (expressed in the desire to preserve nature as an element of cultural environment); political (the desire of people to create the conditions relevant to human dignity). That is the purpose of ecological awareness – the reorientation of the human world.

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Thus, ecological awareness is a form of social awareness, which is in the formative stage, which includes a set of ideas, theories, attitudes, motivation, reflecting the environmental side of social existence – namely, the actual practice of the relationship between man and the environment, between society and nature, including regulatory principles and rules of conduct aimed at achieving an optimal state of the system “society – nature.”

Objects reflecting ecological awareness are the environmental situation, social and environmental relationships, social and environmental activities.

Subject environmental consciousness is the relation of people to nature and to each other about the nature.

The content of ecological awareness is revealed through the concept of “environmental relationships” and “environmental activities.” It includes both the patterns of interaction between society and nature, as well as various kinds of empirical knowledge, attitudes, traditions of a particular culture, which have important ecological value, as well as value-point concerning the nature, and the system of regulatory principles of moral character.

The main component of the ecological awareness content is awareness of the value of life and the dangers of its degradation, the need for its conservation, as well as awareness of the limited resources of nature, an integral part of which is the man; need to abandon the domination of man over nature and the establishment of a dynamic equilibrium between natural systems and human systems; ecological crisis as social crisis; the global nature of the environmental crisis; the need to address the environmental crisis; the need to develop a global strategy for development as a prerequisite for the existence of life, etc.
Custom Essay on Ecological Awareness

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