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Term Paper on Samsung


Term Paper:

Samsung is one of the biggest multinational conglomerate companies in South Korea, established in 1938. On the international market Samsung is known as the great manufacturer of high technologies, telecommunication devices, home appliances, audio and video devices. In 1930s South Korea was the Japanese colony and it was impossible to carry out successful business there.

In spite of it Lee Byung-chull managed to found a firm, a warehouse and supply company which transported food products from Korea to China independently from Japan. When the Americans entered South America and the country took its democratic way of development, the new government of the country worked out a reasonable system of the economic revival of the country and suggested creation of more than 30 conglomerates established on the basis of the rich families who were supposed to develop various branches of industry.

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For example, at that time were created such chaebols as Deawoo (manufacture of automobiles); LG (home appliances); Samsung (electronics), Hyundai (construction), etc. Nowadays Samsung embraces a wide choice of production and can compete on numerous sectors of the market: electronics, chemical industry, finance and insurance, heavy industry and hotel business. More than 70% of the conglomerate’s profit is received due to the well-developed electronics industry. Samsung manufactures such popular and demanded products as hard drives, computer data storages, liquid-crystal and plasma displays, mobile and smart phones, equipment for information technologies, personal computers, laptops, printers, home appliances, etc. Samsung is supposed to occupy the leading positions in the sector of telecommunication and computer manufacturers and it sells its production all over the world.

Samsung is one of the most profitable conglomerates in the world having conquered the market of electronics, so the student is able to dwell on the research of the problem in order to analyze the structure of the Samsung and the secrets of its success. The student should focus on the history of Samsung, the factors which influenced its development, the strong and the weak sides of the conglomerate, its position on the market, the choice of its production and services, etc. The student should also think about the future perspectives of the conglomerate’s development comparing its position with the rival companies producing the similar devices.

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Custom Term Paper on Samsung

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