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Essay on Edward Snowden


Snowden Essay:

The U.S. authorities said that leaks of classified U.S. intelligence data, including the National Security Agency top-secret program PRISM for tracking electronic communications at major sites, organized by Edward Snowden, caused serious damage to the U.S. national security.

Now the ex-CIA officer is accused of embezzling the United States state property, the illegal use of information relating to national security, the transfer of outsiders secret intelligence. According to Reuters, the corresponding charges on three counts were filed by the U.S. June 14, 2013 in the District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia. It should be noted that for each of the charges against him, Snowden faces up to ten years in prison. That is why the official U.S. authorities intend to seek extradition of the accused in any country where he would be, and are closely watching the movements of Edward Snowden.

Earlier, in May 2013, Snowden arrived in Hong Kong, where in early June he has published secret documents, including dedicated to the PRISM program. Using the fact that the United States and Hong Kong have an extradition treaty (note, it does not apply to political events), the U.S. authorities made a request for extradition. Moreover, the Hong Kong authorities did not deny the possibility of Snowden extradition.

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However, after receiving a request from the U.S. authorities in Hong Kong have not extradited the ex-agent due to errors in the United States request, and allowed him to fly to Russia, where he arrived on June 23, 2013. In consequence, White House spokesman Jay Carney said: “The request met all the requirements stipulated by bilateral agreement. During our contacts with the authorities in Hong Kong they do not raise the issue of lack of information we provide.” As Jay Carney said: “Unfortunately, they (the authorities of Hong Kong) took no action on our request.”

Later, the Hong Kong authorities explained why the U.S. intelligence whistleblower was permitted to leave to Russia. In the registry of the Hong Kong Migration Service, he was listed as Joseph Edward Snowden, and the Americans requested the detention of James Snowden. Formally, different names and different people.

June 24, 2013 The U.S. State Department has warned the country of the Western Hemisphere of the need to detain Snowden and asked those in the region contribute to his extradition to the United States.

June 25, 2013, Russian President Vladimir Putin at a press conference after talks with his Finnish counterpart Sauli Niinist√∂ in Turku said that wanted by the U.S. authorities on charges of espionage former CIA officer Edward Snowden was in Moscow. The President Putin noted that Snowden remains in the transit area of ??the airport Sheremetyevo. Putin also said that Russia may extradite to other States only if there is a bilateral agreement. “With the United States we have no such agreement,” – said Vladimir Putin. He also stressed that “in the territory of the Russian Federation, Mr. Snowden, thank God, did not commit any crime.” To write a good essay on the topic, use free sample essay on Snowden.

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