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Sociolinguistics Term Paper


Paper on Sociolinguistics:

Sociolinguistics is the branch of linguistics which studies the relation between a language and the environment of its use. Sociolinguistics is closely connected with such disciplines as ethno linguistics and psycholinguistics, because it studies the usage of the language on the certain territory and by the definite circle of people. Sociolinguistics appeared at the beginning of the 20th century but gained its popularity in 1950-1970-s. The discipline is extremely broad and it covers many issues related with language, for example, the subjects of sociolinguistics are the language and the nation; national languages as a historical category; social differentiation of the language; interconnection between the language and social structures; the typology of the lingual situations defined by the social factors; social aspects of multilingual society, etc. The value of sociolinguistics is great, because the human language is not a stable permanent element but a phenomenon which is in the constant motion, improvement and development. The human language changes all the time, as people invent new words and get rid of the old ones.

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Furthermore, the human society is informally divided into the separate social classes and every class has its own variant of the language. For example, there is the slang of the young people, who borrow the words from other languages, invent their own words and often change the meaning of the old words into the new ones. It is interesting that even the representatives of different occupations have their own variant of language (the language of the police, students, teachers, healthcare providers, hunters, fishermen, etc). Finally, there are even the types of language created by the prisoners and criminals who invent their own vocabulary in order to communicate with one another secretly.

The topic on sociolinguistics is quite useful for students, because it is interesting to be aware about the peculiarities of the functioning of the language in different countries, parts of a country, social class, etc. A successful term paper on sociolinguistics is a research of the broad problem and explanation of its major issues. The student is obliged to describe the most important aspects of the discipline, present the field of the research, the methodology, the purposes and achievements of the study. In the end one should conclude the paper professionally and evaluate the usefulness of the discipline for the human society.

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