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Essay on Facebook Addiction


Addiction Essay:

Not so long ago, psychologists have introduced a special term: FAD or Facebook Addiction Disorder. This condition, which is determined by the time spent on communication in Facebook. People addicted to Facebook spend so much time at that activity that a healthy balance of their lives is disrupted. This has a negative impact on the individual and other aspects of their social life.

This disorder is described by a set of six symptoms. People who are victims of FAD, exhibit at least 2-3 of the following symptoms for quite a long time (6-8 months).

Tolerance: This term is used to describe the behavior of a Facebook-addict. Spending more and more time on the site, such a person comes to the stage where it is transformed into a compulsive addiction. He feels the permanent need for Facebook in order to feel satisfied with life. The way for the family members and friends to identify such an addict is to find out how many Facebook tabs he keeps open at the time. Three or more confirms that the person is really suffering from the addiction.

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Withdrawal symptoms: occurs when a person loses the access to Facebook and is forced to participate in normal daily activities. These symptoms include restlessness, irritability, feelings of depression and anxiety, obsessive desire to talk with others on Facebook about the messages that may have been placed on his wall in his absence, etc.

Reduction of normal social / recreational activities: the one who is suffering from FAD, dramatically reduces the time for personal contact with friends, sports activity, and everything else that he used to do. All his time is dedicated to Facebook. In fact, such a person spends endless hours on browsing profiles and photos. Instead of meeting his friends in a cafe, he sends a message on Facebook. A dinner, timed to the holiday, will be replaced by a virtual chat. In extreme cases, the addict may even stop taking phone calls from friends and relatives insisting on them using Facebook to reach him.

Virtual dates: real meetings are replaced by virtual ones. Instead of going to a party, a movie or dinner, a Facebook-addict will talk to his virtual friend that is online.

Fake friends: if 8 out of 10 people shown on your page Facebook, complete strangers with whom you have never met in real life, there is no doubt: you have a serious problem with FAD.

Complete addiction: after meeting a new person, Facebook-addicts declare to a new friend: “I’ll see you on Facebook .” Any notification, messages on their wall, in their mailbox or other requests that they receive, provide them with gambling experience that is akin to the state gaming addicts experience during a game of poker or roulette. Their pets have their own Facebook accounts.

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