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Essay on Facebook Advantages and Disadvantages


Advantages and Disadvantages Essay:

Facebook advantages and disadvantages is an important discussion today. It has become so close to us that sometime we need an effort to see what it is, a good or an evil.

On Facebook we make friends, fall in love, do business, earn or spend our money. Sure, it saves time and meets the requirements of modern life. But like a real life, any social network is no less dangerous.l

Few people think about the dangers that may await us on Facebook. Usually, when we openly present out private information, it is our personal life that is at stake. All the information about yourself you give when filling various form or answering detailed questionnaires during registration, our personal correspondence, photos and videos may become available to the third person.

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Regarding only public information about a person presented on Facebook, you can make a fairly complete psychological portrait of the individual. Many recruitment agencies build their work based on the data published on social networks. Personal photos, revelations on blogs, open information on personal pages can often be an obstacle in getting the vacant position.

Free Facebook applications are not as safe as it seems at first glance. Often the developers of these applications are foreign companies, together with applications scammers sell the whole users database of the social network, along with their personal correspondence.

Identity theft is fairly spread type of fraud today. And it is often on Facebook where malefactors collect the information for their criminal activity.

On Facebook, as well as in real life, it is necessary to observe basic safety rules. Do not make public your primary e-mail address, do not post your personal information and information about your family and children, carefully select the pictures you are about to publish on Facebook, and change your passwords frequently.

On the other hand, we cannot imagine our life without such social networks as Facebook. We have to admit that to date, many social networks are perfect grounds not only for communication, but also for business. Popular manufacturers and sellers sell their goods directly from their pages and use them for very effective advertising campaigns. The main reason for this phenomenon is that any authorized user has a unique opportunity to contact the manufacturer directly, without going through countless intermediaries, agents and highly significant interest cheat.

Facebook activity is very real today. Many people successfully use it for their own good and often find it difficult to live without such a convenient and powerful tool of global communication. Many and many of them see in Facebook the Internet itself. That is why an essay on Facebook is very urgent and relevant topic.

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