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Essay on Fake Friends


about Fake Friends:

We often think who we are and who the people around us are. Oddly enough, it happens to us, not only in times of crisis in our lives.
Indeed, it often happens that there is a person you are happy to spend some time with someone, and sometime you do it just because you are afraid to refuse a person for fear of displeasing or simply upset or offend him or her. Let us consider closer those who do not contribute or even prevent us from having a good time. Who would not help you, even if you have an urgent need to pay for the medical services, although he has a teeming purse…

You will certainly agree that not everyone from your environment is your friend. Sometimes we even find it hard to say which of people around you are your friends. Necessary time to answer this question may take a period from one year to five. But in some cases you may need much more time.

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In addition, not all friends are equally good. Among them, there are your true friends who share your goals and ambitions that are ready to lend you his shoulder and come to the aid and to share your joy, which is also important. And there are fake friends. These are your classmates, colleagues or your neighbors, just ordinary people from your daily environment. When everything is great, they always beside you: you spent a lot of time together and they seem to be the closest friend you have ever had.

And then, one day, when something goes wrong and you really need them, it may be even not their help you need, but just their moral support, they simply disappear. Yesterday, when everything was good, they were there all the way for you and now they are gone, just like that.

But that is not all. Next day you know that people who you thought were your friends are almost became your enemies: they talk you in the back and your worst enemies are their best friends.

How could this happen to you? What did you do wrong? One and only thing: you do not know how to choose friends. You cannot judge people’s character. You trust everybody and they use you for their purposes.

However, you may certainly change it. You may start with studying some psychological books on people’s characters, their behavior in different situations, learn some ways to test the people, to understand what they are and what they want from you. These simple advices are good enough to help you to overcome your weakness and made it your strength.

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