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Essay on Obama Health Care


Health Care Reform Essay:

U.S. Supreme Court has adjudicated President Barack Obama’s major reform in office – health care reform – constitutional. Obama called the decision “a victory for all Americans,” while his chief opponent for the Republican presidential race, Mitt Romney has promised to repeal the law if elected.

The main claims of the reform lie in the fact that, according to it, every citizen of the United States since 2014 must have a medical insurance policy. Otherwise, people without such insurance have to pay a fine. The lawsuit filed in the Supreme Court by the U.S. National Federation of Independent Business, as well as 26 states. According to the authors of the petition, Congress exceeded his authority by adopting this law two years ago.

Despite the considerable number of opponents of the document, five of the nine judges, including the presiding judge, advocated in support of the reforms. Under court order, compulsory insurance will be implemented through the tax system, and thus there will be no contradiction with the constitution.

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The program for the Health Care System reform, which has received the disparaging name Obamacare, was nothing more than a sham: legal loopholes left in the text of the relevant law allow companies to easily escape the new obligations. However, for low-income working people this may become a difficulty.

“We hoped for the best, but things turned out as usual.” – this old principle applies to Obama’s Health Care reform, the official purpose of which (at least on paper and in the statements of Barack Obama) was to make medicine affordable to a simple working person with earnings at a modest level of $20,000…

The problem is that according to the law on the reform of Medicare, the company seems to be obliged to provide all of the full-time working employees with low-cost medical insurances, the cost of which shall not exceed 9.5 % of the annual income of the employee. But there are some big “but”….

First, companies can easily transfer their work force on a part time – it requires only to reduce working hours to less than 30 hours per week.

Secondly, at a salary of $ 20,000 per year cost of the “affordable” (according to the reform standards) insurance will be almost $ 2,000 per year, i.e., twice the current average cost of insurance paid by the employee!

Thirdly, all citizens with incomes over $ 15,900 will not benefit from assistance under Medicaid – they are believed to be able to pay for their health insurance on their own.

The result: a beautiful picture painted by Barack Obama at the beginning of the ill-fated lobbying reform has faded and started peeling off, and turned out to be an empty document adopted for political gain at the expense of ordinary Americans.

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